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Wild Bird Feeding in Winter

Friday, January 26th, 2018

wild-bird-cardinal-feedingBird Feeding in Winter – The Triple Play

Wild bird feeding is a very engaging and entertaining winter pastime. It also is very beneficial for the birds’ health. The cold weather months make it difficult for wild birds to find food. Backyard bird feeders provide much needed assistance in this regard.

Three specific items, if properly maintained, can optimize your wild bird feeding experience, ensuring that many different species of birds visit your backyard feeders all winter long.

First, of course, you need one or more bird feeders; second, you need a birdbath; and third, often overlooked, you should put up a winter roosting box.

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders come in all shapes and sizes, often accommodating the different ways birds eat. For example, juncos and sparrows forage on the ground, so platform feeders easily meet their needs. Meanwhile, finches and chickadees are drawn to tube bird feeders filled with seed.

If you place a few bird feeders of various styles and use a combination of seed, fruit, and nutmeats, you can greatly increase the number and variety of visiting birds. In fact, adding to the variety of food you provide for the birds will more than proportionately add to the variety of birds at your bird feeders.