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How to Repair and Seal Your Driveway

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

How to Seal Your Driveway

Tips for repairing your driveway by True Value Hardware

Not only is repairing your driveway easy to do, it will last longer and look better.

Here’s what you’ll need: water-based acrylic filler/sealer, a chisel, a caulking gun, asphalt sealant, a brush applicator with squeegee, crack filler, foam backer rods if necessary, cold patch blacktop, knee pads, gloves and safety goggles.

Start by chiseling along the cracks. Do this at an angle so they’re wider underneath than they are on the surface.

Then clean the driveway with a garden hose, a bit of laundry detergent, and a scrub brush, removing all weeds, grass, and other debris. Make sure it’s completely dry before continuing with your repairs.

Fill cracks with the acrylic filler and a caulking gun. For wider cracks, fill with foam backer rods before applying. Smooth away excess with a putty knife.

For larger potholes, you’ll need to shovel packaged cold-patch blacktop into the well-cleaned hole, until it is slightly overfilled. Then place a piece of scrap plywood over the patch and drive your car back and forth across it to further compact it.

Let patches cure for at least one day. Mist the driveway with water, then spread the sealant with the squeegee, several square feet at a time. Allow the first coat to dry between 4 to 12 hours before applying the second.

Keep off the driveway until it is completely dry — at least 24 to 36 hours.

Need more expert advice or driveway repair and sealer supplies? Stop by Martens True Value hardware store in Reedsburg and ask one of our Hardwarians.

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How to Choose the Right Trimmer or Brushcutter

Friday, July 8th, 2016

How to Select the Right Stihl Trimmer or Brushcutter

Are you considering purchasing a new trimmer or brush cutter for your property?

Choosing a lawn and garden trimmer or brushcutter is easy with this video guide

With the Stihl product line up there are several models to choose from that can help you get the job done.

Here are a few tips that will help you get started and making the choice that’s best for you.

To begin there are three basic questions that you should ask yourself. First what material or materials do I need to cut or trim, second how large is the area that I will be working in and lastly are there any noise restrictions that I need to take into consideration.

stihl-trimmer-fs40ceIf you answer these questions and have a small area to trim and you will only be trimming grass such as an urban setting with maybe a flower bed, a few trees, your sidewalk or driveway then a curved shaft trimmer may be a good choice for you. These Stihl curved shaft units are very light and are easy to use in small or confined areas but they have more than enough power to get the job done.

We have our opening price point with the FS 38 up to the FS 50 CE. I prefer the FS 40 C E. Its light easy to use as a simplified starting system as well as the easy start feature and its the perfect size for me.

With the simplified starting system the on/off switch always default to the on position so you won’t need to worry about setting the switch when you’re ready to start the engine and you only need to set the choke once.

When the engine starts and you flip the throttle trigger the choke will automatically switch to the run position and you’ll be ready to go. The easy to start feature enables the user to start the engine with an almost effortless pull on the cord.

For taller people say six feet or more you may want to step up to the FS 50 C E. It’s also equipped with a simplified starting system as well as the easy to start feature and its eight inches longer than the FS 40 making it very comfortable to operate for taller people.


Tree Trimming Tools and Tips

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

stihl-wall-display-true-valueTools Used in Tree Trimming

Tree trimming can be done for a variety of reasons. It can be done to protect your home or other properties from being underneath tree branches that could break off in a wind storm and damage the home or other properties or it may just be done for aesthetic improvement.

Pruning, or tree trimming, is one of the essential tree maintenance, whether it is an ornamental tree or fruit tree.

extension-ladderIn order to do the task efficiently and safely using the correct equipment, including the extension ladder, for the job is a must.

Some homeowners will trim their trees themselves or will hire a tree service to trim the trees on a regular basis.

Tree trimming is not as simple as it sounds as there are certain tips that make the cutting of the branches safe.

You want to make sure that you are not in the presence of electrical power lines, you should make sure that the branches cut are not too far or too close to the tree collar, and make sure that you mark the area so no one walks near the tree while it is being trimmed.

The ideal period for tree trimming is spring until early summer but the time frame can differ according to the species. It is also important that you are using the correct tools.


How to Fix a Squeaky Door Hinge

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

How to Stop a Door From Squeaking

Fixing a squeaky door is easy with True Value's expert advice!

We’ve all experienced it, mysterious house squeaks that never seem to go away. They can irritate you to no end, and start and stop without any explanation.

fix-a-squeaky-door-hingeThere is a fix for these common noises and it all starts with finding the source. And, that’s the value of peace and quiet.

Today, I’m going to show you how to fix a squeaky door hinge. Most of the time just lifting the hinge pin and squirting a little oil into the hinge will work for the short run. But, the squeaking will inevitably return.

To ensure long lasting silence use a flat head screwdriver and rubber mallet to tap the hinge pin out from the housing. Then, coat the pin with white lithium grease and tap the pin back into place.

Now, test the door. The door should open and close silently, though you may have to lubricate both the top and bottom door hinges.

true-value-projectIt’s that easy and should leave you squeakless for years to come.

That’s it, need more expert advice? Stop by Martens True Value Hardware store in Reedsburg and ask one of Hardwarians for help.

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Holiday Decoration Storage Tips

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Tips for storing your holiday decorations

Organizing your decorations at the beginning of the season and at the end when it’s time to put everything away makes it easier to find what you need next year.

Here are some great tips and advice on how to properly store your holiday items so they are easy to access for this season and in good condition for seasons to come.

holiday-ornamentsOrganize and Store Ornaments

Ornaments can be fragile and so need a protective container in which to safely store them.

One easy way is to buy clear plastic bins and repurpose them specifically to cradle fragile ornaments and keep them free from damage. You can do this by first cutting a piece of cardboard to place on the bottom of the bin. Then use a glue gun to attach paper cups to the cardboard.

You can then wrap an ornament in tissue paper and then place one in each of the cups. Once the cups have been filled, close the lid on the bin and label it with sticker labels and a permanent marker so it’s easy to find later. Keep ornament styles grouped together for better organization. You can also purchase ornament storage boxes that are specifically designed to contain fragile ornaments. (Available at True Value Hardware)


How to Insulate Hot Water Pipes

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Insulating Water Pipes

Tips for Insulating Water Pipes by True Value

Insulating your hot water pipes is an inexpensive project that can reduce heat loss, raise water temperature, conserve water and ensure that you won’t have to wait as long for a hot shower in the morning.

That’s the value of heating things up.

First you need to measure your pipes. Starting at the water heater, measure the length of insulation needed to cover all accessible hot water pipes, especially the first three feet of pipe from the water heater.

how-to-insulate-pipesOnce you know how much you need determine which type of material you want to use. Most local True Value hardware stores carry a variety of pipe insulation products.

Ask the True Value Hardwarian if you need help choosing.

Neoprene or polyethylene pipe sleeves are the most commonly used insulation for electric water heaters. For a gas water heater, a fiberglass pipe wrap can be used. If you’ll be using fiberglass insulation make sure to wear gloves and long sleeves.


New Light Bulb Regulations Explained

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Understanding the Changes to Light Bulbs

Upgrade to more energy efficient light bulbs and save money!

Federal energy regulations have phased out certain types of light bulbs and replaced them with newer, more energy efficient alternatives.

But I can help you take advantage of this legislation, and easily upgrade your home’s lighting with eco- and wallet-friendly options.

This phase out plan began in January of 2012 and is scheduled through the end of 2014. Manufacturers and stores are allowed to sell out their back stock, but no new bulbs may be produced.

led-light-bulbsWhen buying bulbs in the past, our focus was on watts, the measure of energy used by the bulb. Our focus now is on lowering the wattage of the bulbs and reducing their energy usage while maintaining the brightness.

A bulb’s light is measured in lumens. The higher the lumen count, the brighter the light.

So, when it’s time to start upgrading from your energy-wasting bulbs, how do you find the right alternatives?

Our GE and Westpoint bulbs bring the best mix of light products. Halogen bulbs have very good light output, they live long and they are great at conserving energy. They’re also fully dimmable and deliver crisp, white light.


How to Weatherize Your Windows & Doors

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Weatherize Windows and Doors

Weatherizing your doors and windows is easy with these tips...

With cold weather just around the corner it’s a perfect time to weatherize your windows and doors.

If you see gaps or feel cold air leaking in the furnace is going to have to work harder to heat the room. All it takes to remedy that is a simple weather stripping kit.

Filling the gaps is easy. You just cut to size, peel off the sticky protective tape and adhere to the jam.

See, no more draft and no more money going out the door…

Need more expert advice? Stop by Martens True Value Hardware Store in Reedsburg and ask one of Hardwareians.

We have the supplies you need to weatherize your windows and doors right!

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Home Maintenance: Gutter Cleaning Tips

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

home-maintenance-guttersCleaning Your Gutters in the Fall

Why is it Important to Regularly Check and Clean Gutters?

  •     Clean gutters help to keep your home looking nice.
  •     Gutters are a defense system that keeps water from entering your home causing damage.
  •     They also keep water away from the exterior of the home and the foundation so no water damage or rotting occurs.
  •     Debris and trapped water in gutters can lead to loose and overflowing gutters that won’t be able to function and protect properly.
  •     Gutters clogged with debris attract pests like mosquitoes, rodents, and ants that will build homes in your gutters or even end up in your home.
  •     Areas with cooler temperatures can experience gutters blocked with ice. These ice dams force water into your home and can become too heavy with ice that the gutters become unattached from your home or may collapse and fall on the home, creating unexpected damage.
  •     Gutters filled with debris keep the water from evaporating as it gets trapped beneath the debris. This can cause mold and mildew to grow, which is very hard to remove and can easily spread to larger areas.


How to Maximize Your Bathroom Space

Saturday, September 26th, 2015

How to Maximize Bathroom Space by True Value Hardware

Getting more from your bathroom space is easy with these tips

The bathroom is probably the most utilized room any house. We use it morning noon and night, then often there are several of us fighting for space.

If a total bathroom remodel and expansion is out of the question, don’t worry, there are a number of creative ways to increase bathroom space without taking down walls and breaking the bank. And, that’s the value maximizing space.

One-way is to add easy-care ultra-premium in soft colors on the walls to give the illusion of extra space. Bold dark colors should be avoided except on accessories. Use your bright colors for towels and decorations.

bathroom-remodel-tipsAdding a coat of bright color to the walls can be done quickly and under budget.

The curved shower rod is gaining popularity for home use since many bathrooms have very limited space. The shower rod is curved and at approximately 8 more inches of space to the shower and makes the bathtub appear larger. It also allows more space for shower racks and it’s easy to install.

Finally let’s talk storage your local True Value store carries a wide variety of options for organizing and keeping items out of sight.


How to Turn a Closet into a Workspace

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Here are some simple tips for turning your closet into a home workspace:

How-to video from True Value Hardware

It’s not uncommon to lack a home office but just a small closet can be reworked into work area that’s comfortable and convenient.

These are some small home office design inspirations and ideas to help get you started and that’s the value of thinking outside the box.

Start by removing any shelving that might block your immediate working area.

home-office-closet-workspaceIf there’s an existing shelf, bar or fixture that hinders your space take it out the valuable space left to be used for your desk.

Once everything’s out paint the walls to add some color and contrast while at the same time differentiating the room from the rest at the house.

Finally your desk this is where it pays to tap into your creative side. You can use an existing desk, purchase a new one that fits the space or use the old shelves to carve out your desk.

Be sure to measure correctly so that once you decide on an idea it’ll fit the space perfectly.

That’s it, need more expert advice? Stop by Martens True Value hardware store an ask one of our Hardwareians for advice.

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How-to Make Better Use of Your Wall Space

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Using Wall Space for Plants & Storage

Accent Your Wall with these Decorating Ideas

We all know that space can sometimes be extremely tight. Small rooms and unused space can be a challenge to tackle. So today it’s all about utilizing wall space for plants and storage, and that’s the value of working within the walls.

First up, plants, but with a bit of a twist. Instead of growing out, we’re growing up. Creating a living wall indoors is simple and the uses are endless.

Snip herbs right up for hanging herb garden in the kitchen, plant in ornamental wall in living room or grow some flowers to keep your home naturally smelling fresh.

Before you start take some time to think about what would work best for your particular area. You’ll  want to hang your pocket planter in a place that gets the right amount of sunlight for your selected plants.

Once you’ve settled on a look and feel you’re ready to hang and breathe new life into your home.

decorate-wall-with-plantsNow we all know clutter can collect in any room, the options for storage are endless, shelves, bins, racks, hooks the list goes on.

A simple metal storage unit is a great choice and adds maximum storage while taking up minimal space. The hanging bars, hooks and drawers are perfect for coats, towels, books whatever. Be creative & make it work for you.

That’s it, need more expert advice? Stop by Martens True Value Hardware store in Reedsburg and ask one of our Hardwareians.

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