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Why We Should Protect Bees

Friday, August 5th, 2016

gardening-vegetablesWhy Are Honey Bees Important?

Why are honey bees so important?

You hear rumblings about how populations are declining. Colony Collapse Disorder gets a little bit of press every now and then.

But so what? What makes this news? Do we really need honey?

Honey bees are very important.

They are important on the level with oxygen and fresh water. In a global sense, they are even more important than oil.

Because if there were no honey bees, there would be no food.

It is that simple. This doesn’t mean there would be no honey, this means there would be no food.

breakfast-coffeeThink of the food you eat each day starting with a typical breakfast. Let’s say cereal and a cup of coffee. Cereals are made of grains like oats or wheat. Coffee is made by roasting coffee beans harvested from coffee plants. These are all plants.

Plants reproduce by flowering and then getting pollinated. Once pollinated, a seed or fruit grows. The seeds or fruits are our food. Honey bees are the world’s great pollinators. Without honey bees, plants don’t get pollinated. If plants don’t get pollinated, they do not produce the food we eat.

Someone argued once that we could rely more on meat instead of plants for food. Really? What do you think we feed the animals who become our meat? Ever heard of grass fed beef? Grain-fed chicken? If there are no plants to eat, there will be no meat for humans to consume.

Again, if there are no bees, there is no food. No strawberries, no bread, no ice cream and no Big Macs. It’s becoming clearer why honey bees are so important.


How to Get Rid of Ants

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

Control ants in your home with these tips

Two basic things will help keep your home rid of ants: Sealing up the ways they get in and eliminating their reasons for wanting to be there in the first place.

There are a number of commercial ant baits, killers and sprays at your local True Value to keep ants from encroaching on your kitchen and home. Some kill on contact but many of these are formulated so the ants carry the poison back to the colony themselves.

Ask your local Hardwareian which ant treatment is right for you.

Keeping your home clean and clear of crumbs and delicious particles for ants to steal is a great preventative measure against ants. Sealing food in airtight dishes seals in the smell and also the freshness for you. Same goes for pet food. In a tightly shut bin ants can’t smell it and Fido is less likely to open it himself.

Use clear silicone caulk on cracks in exterior walls windows and doors to create an ant proof seal. You may not be able to fill every crack but this will definitely deter invaders.

That’s it. Need more expert advice? Stop by Martens True Value hardware store in Reedsburg and ask one of our Hardwareians.

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