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You Need the Right Tool for the Job

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

power-tools-drill-bitsChoosing the Right Tool for the Right Job

You would not try to split a 10 inch diameter log with a hatchet instead of an ax.

By the same token you would not want to try to drill a 3/4 inch hole in cement with a standard 1/4 drill.

You hear people all the time bad mouthing a particular tool because it did not work well when the real problem was the user. They did not choose the right tool for the job at hand.

Most tools, if not all, were made for a specific range of jobs to perform. When you try to use it beyond the range it was made and designed for, you start having problems. Then it is human nature to blame the tool or the manufacturer when the fault really lies with the person using it.

electric-drillThere are always exceptions in tool usage as well as in all other walks of life.

For example, I have a 1/4 inch standard electric drill that I have owned for twenty plus years. I have used it for everything from drilling a one inch hole in cement and metal to driving a # twelve four inch screw into hard wood and it still works fine. It was and still is an exceptional tool. With the beating I gave it, it should have failed long ago but it is one of the exceptions we come across in life. There is no answer for it.

All manufacturers of tools will have specifications on their tools such as amperage, RPM, size, weight, capacity and etc., etc. They are there for a purpose, to help us choose the tool we need. In a lot of cases price is the determining factor when we buy and not what the item was designed for.


A Do-It-Yourselfer’s Love For Tools

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

hand-tools-pliersA Love for Tools

I believe that I inherited my love for tools from my father. I do know, at least, that he taught me and my brother what each tool he would use was.

He did this because, when he would work on our car or something in our house, he would ask for the tools by name as he needed them. “Hand me the pliers, a 3/8 drive socket, a ratchet, a phillips screwdriver”. You get the picture.

We knew that we better hand over the correct tool, or be prepared for getting chewed out. Sometimes, we would anticipate what tool was needed and hand it over before he even asked. I guess one could say we were like surgical nurses, and Dad was the surgeon.

power-tools-drill-bitsAs I got older, I started accumulating tools as I would come to need them. These times were usually when my pick-up truck broke down, needed an oil change or a tire rotation.

For me, there is no greater feeling of accomplishment than succeeding in fixing a problem with a car or any mechanical ‘thing’. Having tools to do the job is a necessity.

Everyone, men or women, should have a basic tool set so that they are able to do basic repairs, install screws, hammer nails etc.