Troy-Bilt Gas Snow Blower Preview & Sales Event

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

Troy-Bilt® Two-Stage Snow Thrower Features

Troy-Bilt’s two-stage snow throwers have several helpful features, including Touch ‘N Turn® Power Steering, Just One Hand® Operation, Heated Hand Grips, Multiple Chute Control Options, Just One Touch™ Electric 4-Way Chute Control and Extended Chute design.

troy-built-snowblowerTroy-Bilt Gas Snow Blower, 2 Stage, 208cc Electric Start Engine, 24-In. Path

This 24-inch Troy Bilt 2 stage snow thrower is powered by a dependable 208cc engine and features one hand operation, 12-inch steel serrated augers, and an extended chute.

208cc Engine
Electric start
24″ Clearing width
6 forward, 2 reverse speeds
Steel serrated augers
Single hand operation
Rugged 5″ polymer extended chute
2 year limited warranty


Snowblowers: Preparing for Winter Season

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

winter-snowblower-preparationPreparing Your Snowblower for Winter

Compared to shoveling, snowblowers offer a much faster and easier method of snow removal that saves time as well as strain on your back.

Once a snowblower is put into gear, the auger, located at the bottom of the machine, will suck snow up and into a chute. The direction of the chute can be manually controlled, thereby allowing the user to choose where the discharged snow is directed.

Having a quality snowblower, such as an Ariens, Toro, or Craftsman, can give you many winters of superior snow removal if you take the time and effort to keep your machine in good running order.

troy-bilt-snowblower-gasAfter sitting around in the garage or shed all spring, summer, and fall, when it comes time for you to pull out your snowblower for the first time during winter, you might find that you have difficulty starting it. This is especially true in cases where your area didn’t receive much snow last winter and therefore, the snowblower was not used very often.

This is why preparations should be made in advance to make sure that your snowblower is up and running when you need it to be.

Make sure to check out the important parts that might be causing an issue, such as spark plugs, as well as performing some simple routine checks before Old Man Winter really hits full force. Don’t wait until the last minute to perform a quick check up.

As part of a routine tune up to make sure your snowblower is in top running form, first check the basics such as oil and gasoline. To prevent starting problems during the current winter, you will want to have kept your gasoline level low or tank empty near the end of the previous winter.


Lawn Mower Maintenance

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Seven Steps For Lawn Mower Maintenance

Your lawnmower is an investment that will keep your lawn turning heads-as long as you take care of the engine. Proper lawnmower care is crucial to for smooth performance.

The changing seasons require certain precautions to properly store the lawn mower while it is not in use.

Here are six steps you should take to protect your lawn mower throughout the year:

1. Check the Battery
Recharge the battery throughout the off-season starting the engine from time to time or simply attach the battery to a charger.

2. Check the Fuel
All engines can be damaged by old or deteriorated fuel. In as little as just one month, gasoline can deteriorate damage your lawnmower’s small engine by clogging the carburetor, thus preventing the engine from starting properly. The keep your lawnmower’s engine clean, add a fuel stabilizer each time you fill the tank.

3. Check the Oil
Just like automotive engines, small engines must undergo regular oil changes. Oil lubricates the engine during use, which prevents premature damage. Before starting the lawn mower in the spring, give it an oil change. This is especially important if you did not change the oil before storing it for the winter.

True-value-hardware-store-equipment-rental-center4. Lubricate Moving Parts
The engine is not the only part of your lawn mower that requires proper lubrication. It is a good idea to keep all moving parts, including the wheels and cables, adequately lubricated with oil or grease.

If you still have the owner’s manual, check it for details on properly lubricating moving parts.


Snowblowers on SALE!

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

troy-bilt-snowblower-gasSnowblowers on Sale at True Value Hardware

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Featuring our 5-Star Rated Troy-Bilt Snowblower:

Troy-Bilt Gas Snow Blower, 2 Stage, 208cc Electric Start Engine, 24-In. Path

MTD PRODUCTS INC model # 31AM6BP2766 item # 179553 Online Sale Price: $649

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Troy-bilt Gas Snow Thrower - 2 Stage

Two-Stage Snow Thrower Features


Choosing Between a Gas or Electric Snowblower

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

snow-blowers-throwersGas or Electric Snowblower? Which to Choose

If you’re in the market for a snowblower, you may be wondering what type to choose. Just as for lawn mowers, snowblowers come in both gas and electric varieties and you should choose the type that makes the most sense for your particular situation.

The first thing to understand about electric snowblowers is that the vast majority require a cord rather than being battery powered, so unless you’re able to find one of these rare snowblowers, make sure you have a nearby standard (120V, 60Hz) electrical outlet nearby and a durable extension cord. There isn’t much need to worry about running over the cord or getting it tangled, since most models feature a hook or clamp that keeps it out of the way.

Once the above requirements are met, an electric snowblower may make sense if you just need to clear light, fluffy snow up to about 4 inches high. They can also be much less expensive than gas-powered snowblowers. However, keep in mind that unless you hook it up to a home generator, you won’t be able to plow during a power outage, which is a distinct possibility during a snowstorm. Still, many owners find their electric snowblowers quite handy for clearing patios, porches, steps, and decks where larger gas-powered snowblowers would be difficult to maneuver or overkill for the job.


How to Choose the Right Leaf Blower

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

leaf-blower-cordlessConsiderations To Make When Purchasing A Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is a handy gardening tool that is used to move debris and leaves using propelled air.

A blower can be backpack mounted or handheld depending on the model to efficiently complete necessary outdoor cleaning tasks. There are so many options in the market and you might need some understanding of the tool to make the right decision when buying for your use.

It is a great tool to invest in and by making a few important considerations you will definitely have an easier time selecting the most suitable for your yard cleaning needs.

1. Power level

Important to remember when buying your leaf blower is that there are light duty, medium duty and heady duty blowers out there.

Heavy duty machine might be bigger in size, but it will definitely do so much more than just clear your driveway off any debris. It however might turn to be noisier than the smaller light duty tools and cost you more gasoline to operate.

Understand the power levels that are suitable for your intended usage of the tool when buying.

stihl-wall-display-true-value2. Power source

Leaf blowers can be electric or gas powered. If your cleaning tasks are light, then a cordless blower can be a good choice to clear your deck, patios and driveway. Electric blowers on the other hand need not be recharged when operating and they can clear a large yard at a go. Think about cord length and your power outlets when getting an electric blower for convenience.

When you choose a gas powered blower, you will enjoy the benefit of portability and power saving. It might be noisier than an electric blower but it is a viable option nonetheless. Weigh all power source pros and cons and make the right choice in relation to your preferences and needs.


How to Choose the Right Trimmer or Brushcutter

Friday, July 8th, 2016

How to Select the Right Stihl Trimmer or Brushcutter

Are you considering purchasing a new trimmer or brush cutter for your property?

Choosing a lawn and garden trimmer or brushcutter is easy with this video guide

With the Stihl product line up there are several models to choose from that can help you get the job done.

Here are a few tips that will help you get started and making the choice that’s best for you.

To begin there are three basic questions that you should ask yourself. First what material or materials do I need to cut or trim, second how large is the area that I will be working in and lastly are there any noise restrictions that I need to take into consideration.

stihl-trimmer-fs40ceIf you answer these questions and have a small area to trim and you will only be trimming grass such as an urban setting with maybe a flower bed, a few trees, your sidewalk or driveway then a curved shaft trimmer may be a good choice for you. These Stihl curved shaft units are very light and are easy to use in small or confined areas but they have more than enough power to get the job done.

We have our opening price point with the FS 38 up to the FS 50 CE. I prefer the FS 40 C E. Its light easy to use as a simplified starting system as well as the easy start feature and its the perfect size for me.

With the simplified starting system the on/off switch always default to the on position so you won’t need to worry about setting the switch when you’re ready to start the engine and you only need to set the choke once.

When the engine starts and you flip the throttle trigger the choke will automatically switch to the run position and you’ll be ready to go. The easy to start feature enables the user to start the engine with an almost effortless pull on the cord.

For taller people say six feet or more you may want to step up to the FS 50 C E. It’s also equipped with a simplified starting system as well as the easy to start feature and its eight inches longer than the FS 40 making it very comfortable to operate for taller people.


Toro Cordless Mower Video Preview

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Toro e-Cycler™ Cordless Mower

Video preview of the new Toro cordless mower

Say hello to the greenest member of the recycler family, Toro’s all-new e-cycler cordless electric motor.

toro-cordless-mowerThe e-cycler combines Toro superior mulching performance with an earth-friendly design that makes caring for your lawn easy without the mess of gas and oil.

The e-cycler is powered by a whisper-quiet 36 volt brushed permanent magnet motor.

With its 3 12 volt batteries the e-cycler can cut up to 10,000 square feet on a single charge making it the perfect choice for lawns up to a quarter acre in size.

For fast convenient charging just plug into any standard outlet. The e-cycler can reach a 70 percent charge in around three hours and will be easily reachable charge when plugged in overnight.

The e-cycler also features a 20 inch steel mowing deck with excellent mulching capabilities. With its four inch deep dome design and front row chamber the e-cycler menses clippings then disperses them back into the soil where they decompose to promote a healthy lawn.

When conditions aren’t right for recycling the convenient top mount bag design lets you quickly convert the mower to bagging mode. Setting the cutting height is easy to for maximum flexibility you can choose heights between one and four inches.

And the e-cycler is also easy to use at only 77 pounds the weight compares favorably to most other battery powered mowers. The integrated single hand control lever is simple to operate.

The e-cycler mower from Toro designed to deliver reliable performance backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

It’s Toro’s most environmentally friendly mower designed for durability and simplicity with a high level of performance that makes Toro the professionals choice.

For top quality cordless lawn mowers and Toro outdoor power equipment stop in to Reedsburg True Value Hardware today!

Toro String Trimmer and Edger Review

Friday, April 29th, 2016

Toro® 20V Lithium Ion String Trimmer & Edger

Video review of the Toro Lithium Ion String Trimmer-Edger

What’s cordless, doesn’t need any gas or oil, weighs under seven pounds and does two jobs?

Yup! The Toro 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer and Edger.

toro-grass-trimmer-edgerOne of my favorite things about this trimmer is that it’s also an edger. You just push the button, rotate the head 90-degrees and start edging.

I’m not the only one in the house who likes to work in the garden that’s what’s so great that the handle is fully adjustable without any tools.

So when my wife gets a hold of it, she can quickly adjust it to her height as well. It’s really well-balanced and comfortable to use.

I really like the auto feed system for the string. You never have to stop and pull the string out or bump the trimmer head to extend the line.

Every time you start the tremor, it automatically extends to the proper 12-inch length. The 20-Volt Toro Cordless String Trimmer and Edger. No joke.

Snapper Mowers | Rear Engine Rider Review

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Snapper® Rear Engine Rider 2015

Rear Engine Riding Mowers by Snapper

The snapper rear engine rider is designed for today’s consumers. It features an easy on off platform and excellent operator visibility.

A single lever engages the PTO and the height of cut adjustment, engine throttle, parking brake, brake pedal and key switch are all easy to reach.

snapper-riding-mowersAll models feature electric start and a large two gallon fuel tank there’s even a cup holder. The seat flips up for easy access to the battery and engine and the mower deck can be easily level with a single wrench.

The legendary snapper disk drive transmission is simple and dependable and high vac mowing deck comes in 28 inch and 33 inch widths.

The snapper rear engine rider comes in three models all featuring reliable Briggs and Stratton engines so there’s a snapper rear engine rider for every customer.

The Snapper Rear Engine Rider, easy to use comfortable to ride, exceptional performance and Snapper durability. Test drive one today.

Snapper Mowers Available at Martens True Value Store in Reedsburg.

Stop by and check out our NEW 2016 Models

Simplicity Snow Blower Snow Shredder Review

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

simplicity-snowshredder-snow-blowerSnowShredder™ Serrated Auger on Simplicity Snow Blowers

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting dual stage performance with the manueverability of a single stage, Simplicity just made your dreams come true.

Introducing our most powerful single stage snow thrower, featuring the all new Snow Shredder Serrated Auger.

This breakthrough auger begins with two reinforced rubber edged paddles for powerful single stage snow handling. But, it doesn’t stop there, the Snow Shredder Serrated Auger then adds fourteen individual serrated surfaces resulting in advanced ice chopping and snow clearing to provide dual stage like power, efficiently chopping, grinding and clearing compacted snow, ice and end-of-driveway snowbanks.

simplcity-single-stage-snow-throwersThis feature is available on two new Simplicity High Performance single-stage snow throwers, a 22 inch 205cc model with 9 foot pounds of snow clearing torque and a 22 inch model with a 250cc 11.5 foot pounds engine, the largest in it’s class.

Both models feature Briggs and Stratton snow series engines, optimized for tough snow conditions and guaranteed to start with 2 electric start attempts down to -20 degrees F or Briggs and Stratton will fix it for free.


How to Choose the Right Snow Blower

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

how-to-choose-a-snow-blowerChoosing the right snow blower is easy with advice from Martens True Value Hardware in Reedsburg

With the holidays just around the corner, you’ll want a snow blower to quickly and easily clear your home’s walkways and driveways. It creates a safer passageway while alleviating the health risk of shoveling wet, heavy snow.

These rugged snow thrower machines are an investment in your home’s maintenance that you’ll use year after year. Check out our tips below and get the right size and features that benefit you and your snow blowing needs.

single-stage-snow-blowerGAS SINGLE-STAGE SNOW BLOWER

Perfect for clearing snow up to 8″ from mid-sized paved areas, single-stage snow blowers are lightweight and easy to control, the front auger contacts the ground to propel, or move forward, as it directs snow into the discharge chute.

Sufficient for areas with fluffy, light to moderate snowfalls of 3 to 5 inches.
Enough power to adequately throw snow away from a short or narrow driveway.


Lightweight snow blowers are great for small jobs such as clearing decks, patios, sidewalks and smaller driveways. They require some pushing to clear snow up to 12″ deep. They need little maintenance and are compact enough to store easily.

ariens-compact-snow-blowerGAS 2 STAGE SNOW BLOWER

Dual-stage snow blowers are engineered to clear heavy, wet snow of 6 to 12″ and over from large areas, such as long driveways. The impeller helps prevent wet snow from clogging, and the serrated augercuts through hard-packed snow and ice. Two-stage discharge throws snow faster and farther than single-stage models.

1st Stage: Auger breaks up snow and throws it to the back of the unit.
2nd Stage: A high-speed impeller behind the auger pulls the snow up and out of the chute.